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Guilherme Almeida

Take a look at Cara's message to everyone on the national mall HERE (Be Patient it takes a while to load)

Things I'm looking for in D.C.:

-I desperately need to find a Dry Cleaner

-I need to go to the gym i just joined, more often

-I need to get to english class on time!

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Cool Links

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The page is finally up. I've finally decided to bring back the idea no thanks to the guys on spellman 4. Hopefully this way everyone can learn a little more about me, and keep in touch with each other. It's an ongoing process but still... Anyways here it is, enjoy it.

Well If you haven't heard there's been alot of change in my life the past couple of months... I'm now currently attending the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.. In case you clearly weren't that good a friend to remember my major, It's architecture and it's so much fun I could just go on and on and on about it. I'll try to do a good job about keeping it very up to date but it's also up to YOU guys to help me with it.

Good times on the Navigator of the Seas
So we we went on this weeklong cruise. Good times let me tell you, alot of crazy stuff happened that won't even be mentioned on this family oriented site. JK!. Even though words won't be said, pictures will be shown :) Go to the cruise site HERE.

Chris Nolan..What?!

you smell like butt

I'm the "You smell
bad" bunny. I'm brutally honest and
always say whats on my mind. You're always there for others and willing to help although you'll always tell it like it is.

Which happy bunny are you?

What the?!


Hey look its Shannon!

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